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Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers
IGAL member firm


Given that Accounting is the information base underpinning any company’s activity, our work aims to provide a set of elements that make it possible to draw up a true and accurate picture of the company’s current situation.

In this area, the main services provided by Sensor are as follows:

  • in accordance with Portugal’s official charter of Accounts (SNC/NC-ME, ESNL) and International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS);
  • Drawing up Bank Reconciliations;
  • Analysis of current accounts;
  • Drawing up monthly and/or 6-monthly Balance Sheets, including comparative analysis;
  • Drawing up monthly and/or 6-monthly Statements of Net Income;
  • Evolutionary analysis of accounts;
  • Management of fixed assets (asset management and control, depreciation, revaluations, capital gains);
  • Filling in and submitting obligatory tax statements;
  • Drawing up a tax dossier;
  • Periodic meetings with Clients in order to appraise/discuss results;
  • Recovery of overdue Accounts;

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