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Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers
IGAL member firm


Constant modernisation of Portugal’s Tax Administration obliges an increasing degree of rigour from taxpayers.

At Sensor we aim to achieve maximum tax efficiency for Clients, in light of legal norms and the results of registered monthly procedures.   We make sure to alert and inform clients concerning  tax alterations and the rules to which they are bound.

  • Analysis and legal planning of each Client’s tax framework;
  • Processing and submission of all tax statements related to Corporate Income Tax (IRS), Personal Income Tax (IRS), VAT, Social Security, Stamp Duty, Municipal Property Tax (IMI), and Municipal Property Transfer Tax (IMT);
  • Payment of these taxes in accordance with Clients’ instructions;
  • Support to Clients in relation to tax claims and contestations, requests for certificates;
  • Drawing up Recapitulative Tables for Clients/Suppliers/Other debtors and creditors;
  • Drawing up Model 22 tax returns and respective annexes;
  • Drawing up IES returns;
  • Communication to the Bank of Portugal;
  • Sending File SAFT.

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